Weekly Summary 15 and 16

THIS IS THE LAST SCHOOL RELATED THING I WILL EVER DO!!!!! I’m graduating and could not be happier about it!

Let’s take a look at what I did this week including my tutorials and my character creation story.

First are my tutorials. The assignments that I made tutorials for were the One Shot Assignment and the Poetry Art Assignment.

Here are my tutorials! I tried to make them as simple as possible and designed them for people who have little experience with computers (Hey kinda sounds like me). The methods I used to complete each tutorial are very basic and easily accessible with anyone who has basic software and a basic understanding of PC’s.

One Shot Tutorial

Poetry Art Tutorial

Last but definitely not least is my Alternate Star Lord Story. I remixed the GOTG movie plot line to make it so Peter meet his father. There is very little info about his father so there wasn’t a whole lot of background info I had to work with but It’s something all GOTG wonder about and I thought I would take on the task of exploring what it would be like if they had met. I used a combination of audio, video, and visual assignments and altered them to create this story. What amazed me was how quickly I had completed this story. This being my last project for this class, I was impressed by how quickly I was able to complete this project and how comfortable I have become using certain software.

Thank You Professor Pollack and a shout out to my fellow classmates who viewed and commented on my blog during the semester. Goodbye UMW, I will miss you. Hello the real world.

Alternate Star Lord Story

Anyone who has ever read or seen anything related to the Guardians of the Galaxy has wondered who Peter Quills (Star Lords) father really is. In this scenario, we will find out how Peter will meet his father and what will happen when he does.

First, Peter needs a way to get to his father! What better way than with a magical whistle that will teleport him directly to his father! Sounds too good to be true, but commercials always sound that way. Let’s see if Peter can afford this “once in a lifetime opportunity” inspired by the radio commercial assignment

After Peter blew the whistle, the whole story changed. Let’s see what happened and also what happened right up until the meeting with his dad. This video was inspired by the music video assignment

The tension is building, let’s hear what Peter and his Dad talked about during their very first meeting. Needless to say, Peter was very confused and there were so many questions he had. This audio clip was inspired the one man play assignment

I imagine after Peter and his father talked, Peter was probably feeling a lot better about his relationship with his dad. Peter was so inspired by music throughout his life, but I bet his taste in music probably changed a little bit after he met his dad. These visual creations were inspired by the album cover assignment

Here’s the new cover of his album and the playlist to go along with it. Notice the new theme?

Album Cover Fullscreen capture 1292015 60902 PM

Of course there is so much that is still a mystery even after all of this new information that has been presented. What does Peter’s father look like? What does he tell him? What is his name? WHO IS HE?? That’s all still a mystery and maybe we might find out when the newest GOTG movie hits the theaters. But until then we will just have to wonder!


One Shot Tutorial

Welcome to the tutorial for the One Shot Assignment! This assignment can be tricky so I’m making this tutorial to offer my advice and instruction on a simple way to complete it.

What you will need:

A photo with multiple subjects

Microsoft Word

A photo cropping tool

Step 1: Choose your photo

Either take a new photo or choose a photo that you have saved. I would suggest picking a photo that includes a lot of different subject in it so that you can split it up into a lot of different segments. There is not much instruction for this assignment, but one way to think about it is to try and tell a story through the rearranging of your selected photo. If you do not have a personal photo that you think would be appropriate for this assignment then try finding one online that has lots of subjects. I will be using a personal photo!

Fullscreen capture 1282015 103946 PM

Step 2: Editing the Photo

Once you’ve chosen your photo, open it in your photo cropping tool. Before you crop it, make sure you’ve decided how large you want each segment to be.

Crop the photo that you have used the entire picture and you have the desired portions of the photo separated and saved individually.

Fullscreen capture 1282015 104000 PM Fullscreen capture 1282015 103953 PM

Open a word document and insert all of the individual portions into the document. Resize them and arrange them next to each other.

Fullscreen capture 1282015 104034 PMFullscreen capture 1282015 104142 PM

Play around with the position of the photos until you’ve got your desired format. Maybe try to tell a story. Maybe try to create a new photo. Make it your own!

Take a screen shot and open up your cropping tool again. Crop the screen shot so that only your photo creation is selected and save this new picture. This new pic is your final product! Easy, simple and fun!

Fullscreen capture 1282015 104813 PM

I tried to make my story about a girl who visits a park and then sees some kids reading a plaque about some U.S. history. It’s not the best story, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to come up with a cohesive story out of just one picture.

Good Luck!


Poetry Art Tutorial for Dummies

Welcome to the tutorial for the Poetry Art Assignment! This tutorial is titled Poetry Art Tutorial for Dummies because I will be using some very simple and easily accessible software to complete the assignment.

What you will need:

Microsoft Word (seriously)

Photo Editing software with a cropping feature. I will be using Picasa (It’s free)

Your Imagination!

That’s It!

Part 1: Choosing your poem and background picture. If you already have a poem and a background picture, skip to part 2.

For this assignment you will need a poem and an appropriate background picture.

-The poem can be one of your own or one that you like from another poet. For the purposes of this tutorial I simply google searched “nature poems” and found one called “the way through the woods” by Rudyard Kipling. Open your a word document and copy and paste your selected poem into a text box.

I used this source for my poem:


Fullscreen capture 1282015 91025 PM

-The picture should be related to the poem and it should exemplify what the poem means to you. For the purposes of this tutorial, I again google searched “nature pictures” and found an appropriate background picture to match my poem. Save the image as a jpeg and and insert it into your word document.

I used this source for my photo:


Fullscreen capture 1282015 91154 PM

Part 2: Editing Process

Once you have your poem and picture selected, go ahead and screen-shot your text box that has the poem written inside of it.

In your photo cropping tool, crop around the text box and save the picture as a jpeg.

Fullscreen capture 1282015 92743 PM

Insert the new cropped photo into your word document

Fullscreen capture 1282015 92715 PM

Set the background photo to be in the background and place your poem over top of the picture

Fullscreen capture 1282015 100003 PM

If it’s a long poem, just select a small portion so that the poem will fit well inside of your background picture.

Screenshot your word document

Go to your cropping tool and crop around the edges of your new creation and save the photo as a jpeg!

Fullscreen capture 1282015 100354 PM

You’re done!

This tutorial demonstrated the how-to of this assignment but you can make it much more creative and or personal by using your favorite poems and pictures or even ones of your own!





Weeks 13/14 Summary


Here’s my Remix Reflections that includes the audio of my thoughts on remixing

Here’s my randomly generated Remix Assignment

Remixes and MashUps this week were fun to work with and after this week I came to realize how much I had been doing these things already without really knowing it. I think Remixing is used a lot more than I had originally thought in a lot of aspects of life. Remixing helps progress certain aspects of life, not necessarily just art work and changes it to fit a different style. In modern culture and media, people often remix different creatives artworks or acts of life to adapt them to modern times. You see and hear it all the time with songs, and also in many other forms.

My 3 MashUp Assignments totaling 9 1/2 stars

MashUp Assignment #1 4 stars

MashUpAssignment #2 2 1/2 Stars

MashUpAssignments #3 3 Stars

My Daily Creates

Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2



Music MashUp

Original Assignment

I mixed together a few songs that I thought were very dissimilar and the result was pretty cool. I just uploaded all three songs into audacity and proceeded to clip and edit tracks until I had the first part down. The last part of the song is just the song “thunderstruck” because it would have taken me about 2 hours to mash together an entire full length song.

Fullscreen capture 11292015 104414 PM

The Good Jurassic Dinosaur

Original Assignment

I mashed together the new trailer for the movie “The Good Dinosaur” and the audio for “Jurassic World” and the result I thought was pretty funny. I just used Windows Movie Maker and imported the audio that I had clipped in audacity to play over top of the video portion.

The beginning started off a little bit weird but once it gets going I think it’s pretty funny.

Saint Vincent Stand Up Comedy

Original Assignment

I attempted to make this scene from Saint Vincent funny but it was pretty difficult to do. It’s a sad movie and no amount of laughs really made it much less sad. Just found a laugh track on youtube and converted it to an mp3 and then I mashed everything up in Windows Movie Maker.


Remix Audio

Here I try to explain what I learned abou remixing. I think it’s funny to look back on all of the work I have done in this class and then add in the concept of remixing and it seems like almost everything I’ve done has been a form of a remix or another. I think remixing walks the line between infringing on copyright laws and also being a creative art form. In certain examples like this one, I think the artists really made an original creation and made it their own, but there are certainly other examples in which I don’t see any creative process involved and it seems like the original creation was just ripped off.